My Brief Biography

I grew up on a farm, so spent my whole life observing and drawing animals.

From the moment I could walk I was racing after chickens or staring into the big soulful eyes of the cows and felt I shared an almost symbiotic relationship with them.

Whether it’s the solid majesty of a bull or the twitching vulnerability of the hare or a cockerel’s full on attitude, I love attempting to capture their fleeting expressive moments in bold and fluid watercolor.

In 2013 I had a book published. While releasing me from my past it also enabled me to go on with what I love doing, painting.

I completed a B A Hons in Design in 2004 and since then have become a mother to two boys, so now juggle my time between parenthood and painting.

 Hope you enjoy my work I would love to hear any comments you may have to improve your experience on my site.

Best wishes